Birth Control and Family Planning

Birth control methods are used to prevent pregnancy. It is also associated with family planning. Family planning is a method in which couples are using to plan responsibly on birth spacing and how many children they want.

Family planning is also known as Natural family planning. It refers to abstinence, withdrawal or the calendar rhythm method. It is used to delay pregnancy or to achieve one. There are different types of birth control that can be used by both couple but only condoms can prevent sexually transmitted disease or STD. Pills, condom, Intrauterine Devices or IUD, injectable contraceptive or DMPA, vasectomy, spermicides and ligation are some of the birth control methods.

Not every birth control method is suitable for you. Some pills are advisable for breastfeeding moms while some are not. In order to know when is the right time to use a birth control and how to use it, go to your doctor or to the nearest public health center.

All the methods above works best if used correctly. Always ask your doctor for any question.

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