Marriage and Communication

Couples should have a healthy and communication to keep the marriage going. Communication is about understanding what your partner feels and think not to be understood. Talking to your partner both big and small decisions will keep thing more open to both of you. Couples find it hard to talk especially when both parties are busy. You should have at least once a week the chance to talk about your concerns. Communication problem often occur because you don’t like what the other person has to say. You always interrupt when one is speaking. No one wants the feeling of being unheard.

LISTEN. UNDERSTAND fully what your partner is saying before moving into making solutions. To become a good communicator you should pay attention to what your partner is telling you through his moods, actions and attitudes. Don’t focus in differences in position. it will make negotiating solutions much easier because both of you feel the same way. PRAY in order for you to think what is right. Ask guidance and divine assistance to make communications easier. Pray together to find better and appropriate solutions to your problem. Couple’s honesty increases when they talk regularly. As  it increases both of you grow more as an individual.

As you work to solve your problems, you will find different and unique solutions on your own.

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One Response

  1. Great in site. I would also like to add that not saying any thing is comunication . the quit treatment is a very load screaming of you dont matter , we dont matter , I know what right , and it will be my way .

    Seaking Gods will for a marrige is #1 , feling and race , back ground , have nothing to do with solving the proble if you go to God he will inpower you to do all things .

    of not admiting and taken responcability is a big one . just saying im sorry isd not enough the mistake must stop .

    threw all this the words of comitment ringsd strong in the heart and inpowers thee spirt to cary on , always share before and after love and comitment to your spouse and Gods word .

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