In the name of Noel & Levy’s Thanksgiving Contest

Today, I forced my fellow facebook friends to like and comment on my post regarding Noel & Levy’s Thanksgiving Contest. I HAVE TO. I want my son to have his super memorable first birthday. ( as if there’s a second first birthday. Haha!)

Mom payed all my hospital bills, Elijah’s baptismal and other expenses we had. Now is my turn to prove her that I can afford my son’s first birthday. I only have two more months. I don’t know where to find that money since I only stay at home to take care of my unico iho. Good thing my sister K told me to make my own blog. I am now saved from boredom when my son is sleeping and I can make out of a living.

Kudos to those who make blog contests.  Haha!

This has nothing to do with winning this contest. It is just it is the very first time that I join a contest. I don’t know where is my luck when it comes to this kind of stuff . Big or small, I don’t win. Hahaha! Bad vibes.

I have to make use of my facebook friends. Hahaha! Sorry. It is the most useful thing that facebook done to me. LIKE and COMMENt for a cause. COOL. Hahaha!

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