You know you’re fat, ugly and unwanted.

You know you’re fat, ugly and unwanted that is why you are trying to get everyone’s attention by posting something that is not true. She is cool and you’re not – Because you are living six feet under the ground, and nobody wants to be your friend. She’s artistic and you’re not. She’s pretty and you’re a hag. She’s sexy-and-oh-so-hot and you’re fat. See? You are nothing. You are just jealous of what she has – friends, fame, mind, face and body.

I know you want some popularity. You are really desperate of catching every bloggers’ attention. There. You got it. But you gained haters, not friends. Cool huh?

The next time that you will blog anything about my sister’s work make sure that your comment section is open. You’re not afraid of us, are you?

Please dear heavenly Papa, she needs guidance. Give her enough friends so that her life will not be miserable anymore. Give her diet pills so that her fats won’t go into her brains anymore because it will continue to refuse to work. Give her something to be happy about. A boyfriend maybe? I know she needs you. I also need you. Forgive me for what I had done. I have to protect my sister from any outside negative vibration.

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8 Responses

  1. Intriga ito! Who is this person? Obviously she doesn’t have enough class to appreciate the beauty of Kaye’s work. Maybe she’s frustrated because she cannot do anything beautiful. Gosh, some people talaga, crab mentality ba?

  2. hats off to you pibyang, for coming up with this post! + to the lowly detractor, am sure she is just as jealous as hell or is too envious she cannot even afford to get kaye to design her blogs…:P

  3. Bigla akong napadalaw dito (gustong maki-chismis :))
    You did the right thing, Dear. I have a sister and I’ll do the same thing for her. Your sister is very lucky for having you.

  4. bigla ako napa aw!! 🙂 u are a sweeeet sister! hihihih i understand how u feel..

    and i sooo love this post! hope mabasa ni mediocre someday 🙂 bwahahahaah

    grab ko na badge mo at lagay ko sa 9 blogs ko =)

  5. hello there pibyang! thanks for the visit…i would reckon, you’re related to kaye…errrrr, the famous kaye 😉 i love her work and they are superb! aba, ako ata ang pinaka-una nyang client ha! sino, sino uma-away kay kaye??? for me, her work is fabulous and a lot of people know that kaya nga madami syang clients eh. we all believe in her. don’t worry, some people are just jealous or envious of other people’s talent. let them be. have a nice day! regards to all. hope to see you often in my party Zone.

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