If ever I will be given a chance to buy a car, I want a Honda Civic. I want to use it for drag racing. I know nothing in driving but I am willing to learn so that I can bring my son to school and back home without walking and give my family a ride wherever they want to go.

Los Angeles is still the most polluted city in U.S according to a friend. There are more cars than people there, no wonder you can see Los Angeles auto repair shop every where. I want to travel abroad. Los Angeles I think is the best destination for me. I don’t like places with crowded people. I feel dizzy when surrounded by many.

Going back to cars, my nephew Hendrix is an avid fan of cars. He has collection of toy cars in his room. He can distinguish where it came from, from whom and what kind of vehicle is it. He is really a boy genius. As his aunt, it is my responsibility to teach him anything that will increase his knowledge on a certain topic. For example, I will teach him the different parts and engine of a real car. There’s the bumper, wind shield, wheels, battery, cylinder head gasket, brake, steering wheel, horn and so much more.

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  1. I soo Love Honda Civic too, alam mo bang may bagong model na lalabas next year and you should watch it. Ang ganda nya Talaga Sis.. I like the 2006 model so far yun palang ang bagong model sa Civic eh… pero ang ganda ng design lalo na yung black wow!!! hehehe

    Happy Friday To you ^.^

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