I love weekends!

Elijah and I are stay at home bodies. Hehe. We never go out unless his godparents want to see us. We just enjoy ourselves by watching Dora the Explorer, commercials and playing toys. Our weekday life seems to be boring. You can always predict what will happen every hour. We wake up, eat, wash his pupu, eat again, play, sleep, play, eat, wash pupu again, play, eat and sleep. Hahaha!

Sleeping early at Friday night is a must because Saturday morning I have to bring his soiled diapers at the top of the mountain. Hehe. For those who doesn’t know, we are living under the mountain. under, inside the mountain. Hehe.

Even if I have to wake up early, I still love weekends! It is mama and baby day out! Cool eh? We go to quantum, stroll around the session road and when get tired go back home to sleep. Hehe. Burnham park is also the best place for us to date. We are nature lover. Haha!

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One Response

  1. I do too 🙂 Hooray for weekends…sana laging weekend ano? hahahaha tapos ang pasok sa work 1 or 2 days max lng tapos off ulit… wishful thinking!

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