Betadmu Family

Before I met my sorority, there is this group that I can really rely on when I am lonely. They are bunch of kids from different college departments in University of the Philippines Baguio. We go out late at nights, share the most corniest joke ever made and everything that you can think of. We are confraternity members because we think we aim for something that will surely help other students. Hahaha! Funny.

We call ourselves as mamasangs and papalords. We are brothers and sisters from another mother. We got our own unique fruit names to identify one another. Betadmu was derived from the greek word Beta and dakmain mo, a tagalog word which means to grope something. It was founded last  April 24, 2008 by mamasang Maricon. There is, of course, a process if you want to be a member. It is not that hard but I am not going to spill the process here. Hehe. We got chapters too. Hoorah! the UPB (University of the Philippines Baguio), UPD (University of the Philippines Diliman), LOA (Leave Of Absence), AWOL (Absence Without Leave) to which I belong now. Hehe.

If your looking for us then sunshine park is the best place to reach us.

I am so lucky to be a part of it. No regrets. I love their company, I know I always will.

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