Dormitory Misfortunes

I lived in a dormitory in my first year of college. It was cool living a life without my family because I can do whatever I want but as time flies, I realized that living far from them was never easy. I have to get up every morning to go to school and fix myself. No one prepares my food, no one knows me for who I really am. Everything was not right back then. Below are the pictures which you can see everyday in the dormitory.

See? No sockets in our room. We were not allowed to cook and laundry our clothes (underwear only).Heaters were allowed only from 4am-8am as I remember, trust me, you can’t use one of those because everyone was waiting for their turn. Curfew hours starting 8pm. Noisy dormmates. Arghh! Everything was not right. Swear!

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One Response

  1. UP Dorm? masaya naman sa UPLB hehe may kanya kanya kameng heater.. wala din lutuan pero pede magluto ng canton gamit heater.. at pag gabi may libre yelo pa sa tira tira sa canteen sa baba

    pero true malungkot talaga mabuhay ng malayo.. kawawa ang mga split ends ko nun pag na ho homesick ako LOL

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