Marriage and Sex

It has been said that “Good lovers are made, not born”. Sex is not the most important aspect in your marriage life but it will help the two of you to stay connected and closer. Partners who take time to maintain a healthy sexual relationship do not suffer from depression or other health disorders according to experts. With more responsibilities — whether financial, career or children — it challenges your sexual relationship. Most of the time, troubles with sexual relationship are usually signs of other problems. Make sure to have time for the two of you. Through communication and listening couples come to understand what is being missed. Never be too tired in making and showing love for your partner.

When it comes to talking with our partners about sex, it is never easy. If you want to talk about sexual problems with your partner make sure that they are aware of what you feel and think with what is going on. Do not be afraid to talk about what you like or not.  Tell them your expectations, concerns and desires without lying. Remember that your partner maybe surprised with what you are saying. Give both of you the time to respond honestly without rushing. Talking about it is an ongoing process not a one-time big-time shot.

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9 Responses

  1. yup good lovers are made and not born and being married for almost ten yeas, what we are in terms of intimacy right now, is brought about by ten years of being together, of experimenting together and learning together 🙂

  2. Indeed it is not. Somehow when you are younger and not yet married, the lure of sex is so strong but when you are faced with work, finances, and most of all children–the desire seems to die down. But yeah, let’s keep the fire burning–it keeps our marriages healthy. 😀

  3. Sex plays an essential part in marriage. Both husband and wife should find time to share physical intimacy to keep the fire burning.

  4. Trueness! :)) I guess one of the many reasons why my husband and I get along so well is that, despite our differences, we are sexually compatible and we are so very attracted to one another, the differences seem so petty. 🙂

    We never get tired of sex and always have time for it. ALWAYS. haha :))

  5. Sex is as important as the other ingredients that make a marriage work. And I agree with you that partners should be open to each other when it comes to sex.

  6. Sex is really important in marriage, but sometimes, this is an area that is often neglected because of the couple’s busy work/home schedule. Husbands and wives should really find time to express their love for each other intimately.

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