I am having a hard time dealing with Elijah now when it comes to eating and changing his diaper. He is only 10 months and two weeks but I can’t handle him without being mad for at least ten seconds. I know I should not but what can I do?

There are times that he eats plenty when we are outside. I don’t know what’s inside our home that he doesn’t like. He used to play with his mouth when he is eating. He never chew it when he is not in the mood.  He’ll just cry at you really loud like someone is pinching him.

Changing his diaper makes me feel so irresponsible. I get mad. Seriously. He wiggles like a worm when I am about to put his diaper.

What will I do to you baby boy? Mama doesn’t want to scold you but I can’t help it. You are getting naughtier each day and I don’t know how to handle you. Sorry. I promise to lengthen my patience on you. I love you handsome!

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