Techno, the wonder horse.

Techno is a female horse or a colt. She was given to Elijah by his ninong Dane and ninang Patty as a birthday present. She walks here and there, she knows if she’s about to (mabangga). She chew her apple when she’s hungry, takes a bath, dance, neigh and respond when we call her. She is too much for a battery operated horse that’s why we love her, or may I say “I” love her.

I thought Elijah loves Techno because she responds to whatever we ask her to do but I was wrong. Elijah was afraid of techno because this is the very first time that he encounters a talking, walking, eating and neighing toy. He’ll run to me and cry when he saw Techno’s eyes blinking and walks towards us. He doesn’t like her at all. Maybe soon he will appreciate Techno just how I appreciate her. 🙂

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