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This is my second time to join this meme hosted by my sister K and don’t ask why. Okay. I’ll tell you. Hahahaha! I can’t relate with her topic. 🙁 I really wanted to join but I don’t know what to share and I’m afraid she’ll know my deepest darkest secret. KIDDING.

I waited for this day to come,finally, it’s here. Hope to join the next one and so on…

I am not going to share love, hate, spiritual or whatever songs like baby oh! mine mine (imitating Elijah’s voice while singing Baby of Justin Bieber). Simply because I don’t know what I like and when I say its my favorite song today, tomorrow it’s not anymore.

This is my favorite song. “uwi uwi”. Elijah loves to sing this song. It’s his most requested Youtube song of all time.

uwi, uwi, ….efg, …..op, …..v, ….z, tenenenenenenen, uwi uwi

That’s how he sings it. I’ll upload a video soon while he’s singing uwi uwi.

I know it’s boring and I will welcome your “ktnxbye” comment later. Hahahaha!

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  1. makyut nga si aija pag hindi makahabol sa uwi uwi na yan. hahaha! video mo na agad. pakantahin mo habang natutulog. uso naman sa knya un e. wahahaha

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