Happy 1 Year And 5 Months Aija!

My unico iho turn 1 year and 5 months today. I am very happy because he is now healthy and is eating a lot. I am not sure about his weight now, we are not visiting the health center anymore.

Elijah knows the alphabet from A-Z. Can count from 1-13 and say things that surprises me everyday. He is so sweet. He loves to say I love you to everyone in our home and say bye whenever he’s going to our room. My little boy is growing too fast than I thought. I am learning new things from him, I hope he does the same way.

I am so thankful for having Elijah. He made me realize how beautiful my life is. Even though he doesn’t know that I am Ayie or Mama and I get jealous most of the time, it’s okay because I know he’ll soon learn to call me mama.

Happy birthday Aija! You’ll always be my one and only. 🙂

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