Diet? No Way!

They say that I am getting bigger and they all get a sarcastic smile from me. Before they knew it, I felt it already. I am checking my weight every three months for family planning. I gained four kilos in just three months and I can say it’s a good sign. My mom used to be mad because I am thin. She thought Elijah was not getting enough nutrition from me.

I guess DMPA helps a lot but not at times when I needed myself the most. We are living in a subdivision full of ups and down. Okay. I am talking about the road. 🙂 I am always half dead upon reaching the gate. Can’t carry myself anymore. Haha! It’s alright.

I am breastfeeding Elijah and there is no way for me to loose weight this early. I should eat more than a single plate simply because Elijah and I are sharing.

I don’t care if I get bigger and bigger each day as long as Elijah gets enough milk from me. I don’t care if they tease me for eating a lot as long as Elijah is happy with the amount of milk he receives from me:)

Diet can be achieved very fast and it can wait. I know and I trust myself in this kind of challenge.

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5 Responses

  1. ahhh. bakit ako, boobs ko lang lumaki nung nanganak ako? ahaha would you believe nagin 40D size ng boobs ko, daig ko pa o malapit na madaig si Keana Reeves ahaha

    pibyang, may tag ako sayo dito:


  2. Kudos to you Phoebe for breastfeeding Elijah until now 🙂 tama don’t mind others will tell as long as your son gets all the nutrients he needs from you.

    I want to know you more that’s why I TAGGED you

  3. Who cares? As long as you’re taking good nutrition for you and Elijah, ano naman kung tumaba di ba? Sabi nga diet is a no no when breastfeeding. Ako nga kahit mixed feeding kami, laging ang gusto ko rice every meal, haha…

    I tried DMPA once lang, pero I stopped it na.

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