Diet Pills And Breastfeeding

I am breastfeeding my son for almost 27 months already and I started gaining weight a year after I gave birth. Presently, I am 10 kilos heavier than my normal weight. I dreamed of having fats but not this much. My pants and shirts can fit no more and I am feeling unhealthy. Yes. I feel like sleeping all day and get muscle cramps every time. They say I look like a mom but you know I should look like one because I already am. I get their point, I just don’t want to feel sad about myself. I have to look like my age. I am already 20 but my weight is for what? 26 years old woman?

Using diet pills for the second time around is very tempting. I hate my tummy but I can’t help eating. What am I gonna do?

I told myself that once Elijah stopped from breastfeeding, I’ll buy a bottle of slimming pills and get serious about getting a healthy lifestyle. Diet pills of all kinds are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Whatever I take, it will surely goes to my son. I don’t want him to suffer just because I pursue something that’s not right. I can wait, I know I can.

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