Do You Hate Your Parents? Think Twice.

There are times that we hate our parents. When they don’t buy us an ice cream or let us go out with our friends, we throw things around to show that we are mad and sometimes lock our bedroom door for how many hours. It’s not that easy to be a son/daughter. There are house rules to follow and not everything you like is allowed. If  you have bad grades at school then you are grounded. You are not allowed to say a thing when they are angry because it will only worsen things.

I hate my parents when I was a kid. They don’t allow me to play outside every time I want and I have to sleep every afternoon. There are times that I wanted to run away from home and live my own life so I can do everything I want. I curse them when they scold me, I disobey them all the time, I became rebellious and do things that will surely disappoint them. I hate my mom for not doing anything to bring our family back together again. I close my mind for any possibilities that may happen to us.  I thought all I needed was a financial assistance from them and nothing else but I was wrong. Now that I am a mother, I can clearly see the hardship my mom gone through to raise all of us. She is the only one to support our school because my father left us when I was in grade two.

I can never understand my parents until I become one. If only I can bring back the time, I will show my family how much I love them. I am not going to hurt them again. Kids may think that they are restricted for no reason that usually lead to rebellion. We, parents, should let our children understand the things when we don’t allow them to do a certain thing. We have to be open on every issue our family is facing and make our children feel that we know what they are going through. Let us be a parent that they will respect and obey, a friend to share their problem with and a brother/sister to play with.


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  1. Just like you, I also became rebellious during my teenage years. I hate it when my mom can’t give things that I want although I know that we can’t afford those things. I agree that we can never understand our parents until we become one.

  2. When I was young, I became rebellious too when they did not allow me to go out with my friends. But now that I am a mom, I realized why. They did not like my friends and I know now why.

    Parents have their reasons and yes, when we become one, that is the only time we know how it feels to become one.

  3. I remember this stage, I actually confessed this in Church and the priest told me how bad it was when I made faces behind their back when I didn’t like what their answers were. I got extra long prayers for those because we should always “Honor our mother and father.”

    It’s interesting how we can understand it now because we ourselves are parents. I just hope I can explain to her why we do things and maintain an open relationship with her forever.

  4. I used to feel the same way towards my foster family who raised me. I used to hate them and felt that they didn’t love me because of everything that I wasn’t allowed to do. It was only when I became a parent that I realized they did everything for me because they loved me.

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