Sibling Rivalry

Parenting a toddler is a very hard job. It’s hard but rewarding at the same time. As a parent, the hardest thing for me is when my son is sick next to that is when Elijah’s jealous of my laptop. I feel bad about myself because I think I have done something wrong but I have to work hard to earn money. I still spend much time for Elijah so there is no need for him to be jealous. Sounds like a rivalry between Elijah and my laptop, eh?

I am afraid of sibling rivalry. I used to fight with my sisters and I am afraid Elijah will do the same thing to his younger sibling if I ever I give birth again. Sibling rivalry starts when the second, third or fourth child comes. Kids compete from toys to their parent’s attention. With toddlers, they might be jealous because they will think parents are not giving enough attention to them anymore just like before because of the newest addition to the family. Every child has a different personality, needs and disposition in life. Parents have to be fair and treat the children equally. Kids need to understand that the privileges a 10 year old kid get is not the same with the privileges an 18 year old gets. The younger kid have to sleep early than his older siblings because he needs more sleep. Let them know that the his older siblings did the same thing when they were on his age.

Explain, never compare and be fair. It works.


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