The Fairy Hobmother

Who would have thought that after commenting on so many blogs, Fairy Hobmother will visit my blog too? Yay! This is fun. I can buy Elijah DC shoes and toys he wants from the Amazon store because I just receive a very great gift from the Fairy. Woohoo! Since I am living in the Philippines, I have to ask my friend to get the item and ship it to us. The gifts are just in time for ELijah’s third birthday. Can’t wait. If only my budget permits me, I will surely buy a new dishwasher at the Amazon store because it’s much cheaper. 🙂

You want to receive a gift from the Fairy Hobmother? Comment down in this post because he will be visiting one of your blogs soon. 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. oh my, i am glad the Fairy Hobmother visited you, I hope he could visit me too. I am thinking of buying a new dishwasher or an oven at amazon, so that it would be easy to spend time at my kitchen:D

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