How Do You Teach Your Child To Pray?

We teach our children to pray at an early age to instill Christian values to them. I may not go to church every Sunday and may not read the bible from beginning to end but I know deep down inside me, I know Jesus. I talk to him almost every minute. I tell him what I feel, my desires and plans. I know that even if I am not praying inside the church, he is still listening to me.

I teach my child to pray the way how I understand it. I teach him pray every night before we sleep. We thank Jesus for what we eat and what we have then praise him. We ask him to guide our relatives and keep us healthy. I also teach Elijah the Guardian Angel prayer so that he knows Jesus sends someone who will watch over him even if I am not around. When we visit my mom, we always go to church every Sunday. We make sure to wake up early because there will be no available church chairs if we are late.

Teach your child to pray not because it’s what other people say. Teach your child if you are willing to help him understand all the things he needs to know about praying.

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6 Responses

  1. My son has learned a lot of prayers from his big school, but he doesn’t pray any of those before he sleeps at night. I make him say his own prayer, and what he says mostly are what he wants to get as Christmas gifts. Lol!

  2. God loves his children and enjoys hearing them praying. Therefore it is our duties as servant to teach them during their early years, according to their level, how to address God, use the Agpeya for prayer and how to have a relationship with God.

  3. The husband and I are very religious, we go to mass every Sunday and talk about the word of God to the kids whenever we can. The first prayer both our kids learned was the prayer before meals, LOL, cause we’re always eating.. 😛 haha

    How did they learn it? We didn’t have to teach them, they just learned on their own, I suppose praying as a habit made it easier for them to memorize and understand the prayers.. 🙂

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