Making New Friends At Age 3

My 3-year old Elijah is starting to like her cousin Svetlana ( 4 y/0). They always fight during their younger age and I guess it’s part of growing up. They now play and cooperate with each other. They may still fight at times but at least they know how to forgive and take turns when it comes to playing.

Elijah shows interest in any kind of Angry Birds toys, Svetlana also learned to love it so they play together. Time comes that they don’t share but they resolve it themselves.  Elijah doesn’t have the chance to play with other kids yet. Svetlana on the other hand is very excited when it comes to friendship because she will approach the kid immediately even if it’s their first time to meet.

I let Elijah play outside every morning so he can meet those kids of his age going to school. In this case, he will learn to say HI, goodbye and eventually play with them.

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10 Responses

  1. It’s good to expose your kid to different types of people early to build self-confidence and to make friends. Glad to hear that his relationship with his cousin is getting better.

  2. I agree with everyone. I would love to see my kids playing with other kids. It will teach them independence and they’ll learn to deal with different types of kids – something that they need to master if they want to succeed later in life. 🙂

  3. Wow! awesome photo above! perfect for a magazine cover or cover story! the photo alone tells a lot of story! Svet and Elijah are so adorable!

  4. social interaction is really important especially for kids to help them develop their emotional state. it also teaches them responsibility and independence 🙂

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