Ponderosa Golf Club, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines

Ponderosa Golf Club is the first destination of our inland tour. You can find extreme activities here including zip line. Their zip line is 650 meters and nearly 2,000 feet above sea level.

On our way, our tricycle stopped because the road is very steep. Since I am heavy, I have to walk several times so the tricycle can move forward. Teehee! It was fun, I call it my morning walk uphill. Haha!

Zipline costs P500 per head, adult or kids. They have to weigh you first for security purposes. Since I am heavy (again), Elijah was with Lloyd because their total weight is only 69 kilos ( 50 + 19). They rode the zip line together. I could see the horror on my face. I wanted to go back but there is no other way to go back but to ride the zip line. Huhuhu. It was scary but the view is breathtaking and it somewhat calmed my soul (chos!). The kuya who assisted us assured me that no one has ever fallen from their zip line. Their heaviest passenger is 150 kgs. I guess it was the bravest thing I ever done. Kudos to me! Hahahaha!

They are also offering other heart stopping extreme activities but were unavailable during our visit because of the storm that passed.

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