3 Tips On Keeping Your Kids Safe While Playing

One of the causes of injuries among children of all ages is playing regardless of whether doing so in the comfort of their home or outdoors on a playground. Minor bruises and cuts are the common incidents that parents have to deal with when their kids are playing. What every parent is afraid may happen is a severe injury such as a fractured bone, sprained ankle, or bad fall needing immediate medical assistance. Confining your kid inside the home doesn’t always guarantee that no harm will be done. It’s still crucial that safety measures are applied to reduce and prevent the incidence of injuries brought on by playing. Below are 3 tips that will surely keep every kid safe while playing.

Tip #1 – Adult supervision is a must

One of the effective ways to ensure the safety of your kid while playing, regardless of if it’s at the busy play center or a local park, is having an adult around to supervise and keep a watchful eye. Remember, kids at times often forget their set boundaries and become unmindful of their actions, putting them at greater risk of injuries. Parents should make an effort to be where their kids are playing to remind them when they are being unruly with their actions. Besides, having an adult or parent around while the kids are playing gives peace of mind that somebody in authority will be there to act fast if an emergency happens.

Tip #2 – Check the overall safety of the play area

If you plan to send off your kids to a play area like a community playground or an indoor play facility, it’s a basic requirement for every concerned parent to check the venue’s overall safety. Here are a few pointers to consider if the area is safe or not.

· The play area must be installed with shock absorbing materials like rubber mats, pea gravel or sand to ensure the child doesn’t get injured while playing.
· Be sure there is no steel metal is exposed on the structural foundation of play equipment.
· If it’s a community playground, see to it that the guardrails are properly secured and no hazards are lying around that may cause accidental trips or falls.

Tip #3 – Teach kids how to play safely in a bouncy castle

Keeping your kids safe at all times is a tough task to accomplish on your own. You need to teach them techniques on how to play safely. For example, if you want a Perth bouncy castle provider for your kid’s upcoming birthday celebration, orient them as early as now to the following bouncy castle rules to guarantee safety of everyone on board.

· No sharp items must be carried while playing on the bouncy castle.
· Food and beverages must not be brought inside the bouncy castle because it could be the cause of accidental slips.
· No wearing of boots or shoes. Socks with non-slip features are best to wear when playing inside a bouncy castle.
· No rough stunts must be done while playing on the bouncy castle. Examples of this would be somersaults because it could lead to serious collision with others.

The play area, whether it’s a local playground, play facility, or an installed bouncy castle, can be your kid’s true source of fun and enjoyment. Don’t let your growing fear of injury prevent your kid from having an enjoyable time. Teach them as early as possible about the safety measures and techniques to keep them safe at all times, regardless of who is supervising. Give your kid the confidence to play with ease by simple application of the above safety tips.

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