Can I machine wash “dry clean only” garments?

How often do you check the label on your clothes before washing them? After all, most clothing feels the same, so it should be okay just to chuck it into the machine. Of course, there are obvious exceptions, such as suits that need to be dry-cleaned. But how important is the label that says “dry […]

Civil Wedding Requirements

Wedding is one of the most important event in your life sabi ng marami. Some couples are preparing for a year or two to make it super special. Some prefer intimate while others prefer grand wedding. I won’t be discussing too much of private life here but I want you to know that we decided […]

3 Ways To Freshen Laundry Without Using Harsh Chemicals

There is something delightfully simple and yet fantastic about the way clothes smell when they come out of the wash. It’s a freshness that can be hard to describe and often doesn’t last through the drying process. That’s why fabric softeners and conditioners were invented, to lock the freshness in for hours or even days. […]

Understanding Triple X and XYY Syndromes

Have you heard of triple X (XXX) syndrome? What about XYY syndrome? It’s easy to confuse these two because they’re so close in name, but they’re actually two separate genetic disorders. So, what is the difference between the two? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these two conditions, their symptoms, how they […]

Why owning a popcorn machine is a good idea in 2019

Everybody loves popcorn. We can all agree on this one fact. The snack’s fantastic aroma, which comes from the various chemical compounds found in corn kernel, attracts you to it.  You will also see people carry this snack into sports arenas, theatres, or even when watching a movie at home. In short, you can eat […]