9 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Lump in the Breast Unusual change in the size or shape of the breast One breast unusually lower than the other New dimpling in the nipple Puckering of the skin of the breast Swelling of the upper arm Change in skin of the nipple Discharge or bleeding from the nipple Enlargement lymph nodes at neck […]

How long does breast milk stay fresh?

Breast milk usually stays fresh depending on where you store it. Here are some temperature or storage and the time frame that your milk stays fresh. • If your milk is stored at a room temperature (not more than 25degrees Celsius) it stays fresh up to six hours. • If you store it in a […]

How to Know If You Are Pregnant With Twins

The only way to know if you are really having a twin pregnancy is to see it by yourself via ultrasound. An ultrasound done at 5 to 7 weeks is very unlikely to miss an additional baby if ever there is. A fetal Doppler is also used to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and can usually […]

When is the Right Time to Wean my Baby?

There is no right time to wean your baby. It is only you who can decide whether to continue breastfeeding or not. Do you think weaning your baby will make him eat more healthy food? You are the only one who knows what is best for your baby. Experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding up to six months […]

Embracing Motherhood

I was not that excited in having my first baby. My mind was about going out and making friends. I don’t even want to breastfeed my child because I want to drink alcoholic beverages and do what an average teenager does. Elijah arrived one day after my due date. In the hospital where I was […]