Norifam: One Month Injectable Contraceptive

Norifam is a brand of injectable contraceptive that is effective for 1 month. Just like any contraceptive, it should be injected on the first day of your menstrual period ( first day of bleeding). You will have your regular menstruation period while using Norifam unlike in Depo-Provera (DMPA). Contraindications: Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, malignancy of […]

My 7th DMPA Shot

My 7th DMPA shot will be on Thursday next week but since we are going to Bulacan to celebrate Svetlana’s birthday and family reunion, I have to visit the health center and ask if I can have my shot today. New faces welcomed me as I enter the health center. The nurses and attendants who […]

Birth Control and Family Planning

Birth control methods are used to prevent pregnancy. It is also associated with family planning. Family planning is a method in which couples are using to plan responsibly on birth spacing and how many children they want. Family planning is also known as Natural family planning. It refers to abstinence, withdrawal or the calendar rhythm […]

DMPA and Slimming Pills

Today is my 7th DMPA shot. I started last August 2010 and weighed 44 kilos before taking the shot.  I was 56.5 kilos on my 6th DMPA shot last November, the biggest weight gain I ever had. My pants and shirts don’t fit me anymore. From 27 waistline, I am now 34. I wanted to […]