Last year, we were given a chance to sample Nutri 10 Plus syrup. A product of Wert Philippines, Inc. You can read my post about it here: Nutri10 Plus syrup first post. Not gonna lie. Elijah’s appetite really improved and I cannot ask for more. During school days, I give him snacks for recess and money […]

Nutri 10 Plus Multivitamins Syrup

Last month, I was given the opportunity to receive a new brand of multivitamins for Elijah. It was very timely because he was about to finish his last bottle of Ceelin chewable when the package arrived. Nutri10 Plus syrup is a product of Wert Philippines, Inc. It is a multivitamin suitable for 1-12 years old, […]

Satisfying My Picky Eater with Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

My son happens to be a picky eater. A very picky eater. He is known as the boy who doesn’t want to try new food. He is not adventurous when it comes to food unlike his cousins. He doesn’t want coconut water, vegetables, fruits, and anything that you can think of. He will just stick […]

Savor the deliciousness of the new Porksavor™

  Filipinos love food with strong meaty flavors, which is why saucy, soupy or stir-fried dishes would usually be accentuated with pork meat or broth. It is for this reason that Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) came up with a new product called Porksavor™ All-in-One Seasoning. Porksavor™ is made from natural pork meat extract and bone broth, […]

Recipe For Picky Eaters: Eggplant Croquette

This is supposed to be potato croquettes but since we are out of potatoes which is so ironic because potatoes are very cheap here, I decided to use eggplant instead. This recipe is best for kids who do not want to eat veggies just like my son Elijah. Ingredients: Eggplant Tomato Garlic Onion Ground pork […]