How to Know If You Are Pregnant With Twins

The only way to know if you are really having a twin pregnancy is to see it by yourself via ultrasound. An ultrasound done at 5 to 7 weeks is very unlikely to miss an additional baby if ever there is. A fetal Doppler is also used to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and can usually […]

Bridging the Fertility Gap

Bridging the Fertility Gap Fertility awareness campaign set to host web sessions on infertility Manila, Philippines – Forming new life brings unfamiliar excitement and challenge to couples that seek to build a family. However, the decline of fertility rates brings forth a rising concern that couples in Asia are increasingly having difficulty in conceiving. Among […]

Poblacion, Guiguinto, Bulacan Day Care Center is Elijah’s First School

We enrolled Elijah in Poblacion, Guiguinto, Bulacan Day Care Center last Monday (8/5/13). I was hesitant, thinking they might not be accepting new students anymore since it is already August but Elijah is showing great interest in studying so I decided to ask. I told myself not to be shy since I will only ask not […]

Why Do I need a Last Will and Testament?

What is a Last Will and Testament? Last Will and Testament is a legal declaration of a person containing his/her final wishes and who to give his/her properties and possessions after his/her death. Do I  really need a Last Will and Testament? We are not required to make a last will and testament but it […]

What Influences Your Parenting Style?

We, mothers, have one thing in common and that is our unconditional love we have for our children. The way we raise them is unique from one parenting style to another. My siblings and I were raised by mom differently since we have different attitudes. Even if she has different strategies, we grow up just […]