3 Tips On Keeping Your Kids Safe While Playing

One of the causes of injuries among children of all ages is playing regardless of whether doing so in the comfort of their home or outdoors on a playground. Minor bruises and cuts are the common incidents that parents have to deal with when their kids are playing. What every parent is afraid may happen […]

The Benefits of Chess for Kids

Elijah is showing much eagerness in learning how to play Chess. I am not sure where does he get it because we are never talking about Chess. My guess is that he always see the kids in our neighborhood playing Chess every afternoon and he thought it must be very interesting to play. At first, […]

The Trash Pack Scrap Racers – Toilet and Shoe

The Trash Pack Scrap Racers – Toilet and Shoe comes with two vehicles, two launchers, and two exclusive Trashies. This is suitable for kids aged 5 and up. We know that Elijah deserves to have this Trash Pack Scrap Racers. He’s been asking for it and these gross little garbage monsters are his prize for being […]

Pixel Gun 3D iPad app

Pixel Gun 3D is Elijah’s new favorite game. It is a shooting game with a Minecraft feel. He learned the game from a neighbor. Pixel Gun 3D is an online game that allows you to interact with other people through chat. I am not aware of this feature before until Elijah asked me to type […]