They say that there’s a meaning behind every kiss. It is an act to show how special your love one is. I have here below some of the meanings I searched over the internet. Hope it helps! A kiss on the lips means: I love you A kiss on the ear means: You are special A kiss […]

Marital Fights

Marital conflicts are widespread as of today. Many of the marriages are not able to work primarily because of lack of respect and communication between both spouses. Because of their unresolved fights, it has been found out that about half of the marriages end up in the future as divorce. Due to this sad event, […]

Best Time To Get Married

They say that getting married in June is the most popular because it shows that couple are honoring Juno (the Roman goddess of marriage) and asking for guidance and blessings throughout their marriage life. Also to time the conception of their child. There is no perfect day or month to get married. Any day can […]

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring symbolizes a never ending love and affection between husband and wife. It is said that when you accept to wear it on your wedding day, you will be your partner’s possession, no longer available to any opposite sex but some says it is a woman’s most priced possession given by her husband. […]

Getting Married in the Philippines

Getting married in the Philippines requires preparation, document filings and attending seminars. Good thing I manage to search for some information that will help you with the processes. You must bring you and your partner’s certificate of birth and baptismal, parents or guardians citizenship, full name and address, proof that you have informed your parents […]