When is the Right Time to Wean my Baby?

There is no right time to wean your baby. It is only you who can decide whether to continue breastfeeding or not. Do you think weaning your baby will make him eat more healthy food? You are the only one who knows what is best for your baby. Experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding up to six months […]

My Weaning Journey To My 2 Year Old Son

For 49 days of experimenting of how Elijah will survive without my milk, I am very happy that it worked. It all started December last year because I was very eager to lose some pounds because my clothes don’t fit in me anymore. It’s funny how we tried not to say dede for more than […]

Weaning Succesful

After a month and 18 days, Elijah is now officially weaned on the 25th. I started taking slimming pills last week so Elijah didn’t have the chance to get any milk from me. I make sure that his tummy is full every minute and when he asks for something, I give it right away. I […]

Frozen Cabbage To Decrease Milk Supply

I started taking slimming pills yesterday and feeling no bad effects yet. I know it’s bad for lactating mothers but Elijah is not asking for milk since Tuesday. He makes eating a hobby and taking vitamins now. Hooray for Elijah! He can sleep now on his own since he doesn’t want me to tap him […]

Weaning – Day 43

I only breastfeed Elijah once or twice a day since we went home last January 6. If he’s not going to sleep in the afternoon then no milk for him. He doesn’t want formula milk but loves the taste of chocolate drinks. I give him two bottles a day or whenever he wants it. Elijah […]