The Perks of Being a WAHM

The perks of being a WAHM are countless. I will be forever grateful that my sister taught me how to work online. I started as a blogger on 2009. Blogging is not my passion and I started it for the sake of earning money. I have to be blunt about it and am not ashamed […]

Family Business

Shirt printing is our family business. It’s my eldest sister and second father who shared for the capital. Our shirt designs are all original, they are designed by my brother-in-law Paul, sister Kaye and partner Lloyd. My part here is to sell the clothes. I am an online seller and I think I am good […]

Work At Home

One of the best things that I can get from working at home is that I do not have to go to office and work for eight consecutive hours. My siblings and I told my mom to resign in her day job and start working at home because it will not only reduce her stress […]