About mama ayie.

Hello! I’m Phoebe Noelyne, a Bulacan-based blogger and the owner of Pinay Mama. I am a wife to Lloyd and a mom to Elijah, Tabby (Scottish Straight Longhair cat), Totoro (Persian cat), and Tyler (Pug).

Pinay Mama began as I shared my son’s formative years, narrating my experiences and challenges as a young mom. My goal was to connect with fellow moms, with the hope that my experiences would offer support and insights to others on their own parenting journeys. After years of focusing on motherhood and parenting in my blog, I expanded my content to include writings about my cooking experiences, my food reviews, my reviews of places in Bulacan, and my thoughts about life in general.

Feel free to look around, and please leave a comment to let me know you’ve visited. ❤️