Is Your Child Ready for Playschool?

Outside world is very scary yet exciting for our toddlers. As they show willingness in learning new things, we have to ready ourselves in sending them to a play school. We cannot stop them from being too excited in learning and we can’t teach them everything inside our home. We have to let them experience […]

My Backyard Counting Book

Kindergarten students develop math skills like counting through repetition and practice. To master counting to ten, kindergartners often count their fingers and toes. But here’s an activity that will give your kindergartner a little more wiggle room. Have him apply his natural curiosity about the outdoors to counting practice and create a counting book! What You […]

Golden Minds Academy 5th Commencement Exercises

Today is Elijah’s graduation day. Again. He graduated from daycare last year and now he will graduate from being a preparatory student of Golden Minds Academy, Guiguinto, Bulacan. Today is his last day of being in the pre-elementary. Elijah showed too much improvement during his stay in Golden Minds. I am a proud mama. He […]

The Benefits of Chess for Kids

Elijah is showing much eagerness in learning how to play Chess. I am not sure where does he get it because we are never talking about Chess. My guess is that he always see the kids in our neighborhood playing Chess every afternoon and he thought it must be very interesting to play. At first, […]