How to Get Coffee Stain Out of Berber Carpet

Cleaning Berber carpets can be the easiest house chore in your home if you apply the best methods. These carpets are widely used because of their affordability and durable weave construction. Many people make mistakes when cleaning Berber carpets that end up destroying their carpets even more with more adamant stains. This, however, should not […]

5 Helpful Steps to Keeping Your Furniture Clean

When it comes to one’s home, we all love to make things tidy, neat and clean. Any speck of dust is usually dealt with swiftly. One of the things that can gather dust real quick is the furniture and this makes it essential to keep them clean at all times. But some of them are […]

Blog Update: Work-Life Balance

I’ve been very busy these past few months. The whole family was sick for more than two weeks! It was hard but we managed. So to give you an update, we were able to finally move in to our new home last March 27 (Tuesday) and had to ask my tita for some help in […]

Why Every Home Should Have a Sunroom Installed

Sunrooms can be an exquisite addition to any home. Not only can they serve a variety of purposes, but they can also accentuate the curb appeal of the property. In some instances, it may also improve the resell value of the house while being a key selling point. Essentially, a sunroom is one that is […]

Comfortable Designs In The Living Room

Your living room doesn’t have to be boring and like others that you have seen in the neighborhood. You can find contractors near you now who will give you ideas on how to make the living room modern and updated with a few simple additions or changes in colors and patterns. If you like to […]