5 Fun Crafts You Can Teach Your Kids

Crafting is a good practice that spikes your imagination and makes you a creative being. If you have a crafty kid, then you may want to be supportive and encourage them to join craft clubs. You can also teach them crafts at home. You will want to choose crafts that are easy and don’t take […]

Is Your Child Ready for Playschool?

Outside world is very scary yet exciting for our toddlers. As they show willingness in learning new things, we have to ready ourselves in sending them to a play school. We cannot stop them from being too excited in learning and we can’t teach them everything inside our home. We have to let them experience […]

Costume Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Halloween is one of those holidays that suddenly creeps up on you (pun intended). Before you know it, you’re at your local department store or Target and see the shelves lined with pumpkin decorations, candy corn, and supersized bags of assorted chocolates. In just one month, costume shelves are disarrayed, and everyone’s scrambling to sort […]

Playschool for Kids

Kids may show their talents as early as one year old. They show eagerness to count, memorize, sing, dance and paint. Every kids has their own unique skills that we parents should enhance by buying them toys related to their skills. If they love to draw, then buy them drawing pads, colors and pencils. Enrolling […]

My Backyard Counting Book

Kindergarten students develop math skills like counting through repetition and practice. To master counting to ten, kindergartners often count their fingers and toes. But here’s an activity that will give your kindergartner a little more wiggle room. Have him apply his natural curiosity about the outdoors to counting practice and create a counting book! What You […]