Things to Consider When Choosing Kids Mattresses

Every kid deserves a good and comfortable night sleep and the best way that you can do make it happen is to invest in a high-quality mattress. In point of fact, the right mattress can be a great help in supporting the posture of your child. What’s more, it affects bone strength.  However, choosing the […]


Image Credit: Pixabay During the first few months of welcoming a new baby, couples take a lot of time learning the ropes of parenting and sharing their home – sometimes their bedroom – with their little one. The baby needs attention, and the parents need to read baby books, cook, do the laundry and get […]

Baby Colic, Causes and Treatment

Colic is known as prolonged and excessive crying or fussiness in a healthy baby. It usually starts when the baby is around 2 weeks old and normally stops by four months of age. It can be very frustrating for the parents too since the episodes occur during at night when everybody is tired and the […]

Friends and bingo – cheer up a tired mommy!

Life as a mom is never easy! Motherhood is the most challenging phase of your life as it never fails to give you the jitter of nerves. Bringing an overall healthy development in your child is a matter of immense care, patience, and hard work. Needless to say, taking care of every minute detail about […]

My Backyard Counting Book

Kindergarten students develop math skills like counting through repetition and practice. To master counting to ten, kindergartners often count their fingers and toes. But here’s an activity that will give your kindergartner a little more wiggle room. Have him apply his natural curiosity about the outdoors to counting practice and create a counting book! What You […]