September: A Month To Remember

September, a bittersweet month for all of us. Many are celebrating their birthdays but one has to leave and rest. Elijah’s birthday was September 1st. It was fun and fulfilling. He received the toys he wanted and shared the blessings to each and everyone who attended his party. It was a blast. My two nieces […]

Growing Up in a Large Family

I came from a broken family and I am not ashamed of it. I have three beautiful caring sisters in which I can tell my problems to whenever my mom is out of reach for some reason. I have a very big extended family to rely on so it doesn’t bother me if my father […]

Why Do I need a Last Will and Testament?

What is a Last Will and Testament? Last Will and Testament is a legal declaration of a person containing his/her final wishes and who to give his/her properties and possessions after his/her death. Do I  really need a Last Will and Testament? We are not required to make a last will and testament but it […]

Life of A Senior Citizen

There are advantage and disadvantages of being a senior citizen. Senior citizen discount is just of the advantages of being old. You get to purchase your basic needs in 20%off or maybe half in price depending on which country are you from. You can go shopping, buy medicines, dine out, ride a public transportation or […]