Last year, we were given a chance to sample Nutri 10 Plus syrup. A product of Wert Philippines, Inc. You can read my post about it here: Nutri10 Plus syrup first post. Not gonna lie. Elijah’s appetite really improved and I cannot ask for more. During school days, I give him snacks for recess and money […]

Nutri 10 Plus Multivitamins Syrup

Last month, I was given the opportunity to receive a new brand of multivitamins for Elijah. It was very timely because he was about to finish his last bottle of Ceelin chewable when the package arrived. Nutri10 Plus syrup is a product of Wert Philippines, Inc. It is a multivitamin suitable for 1-12 years old, […]

How to Know If You Are Pregnant With Twins

The only way to know if you are really having a twin pregnancy is to see it by yourself via ultrasound. An ultrasound done at 5 to 7 weeks is very unlikely to miss an additional baby if ever there is. A fetal Doppler is also used to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and can usually […]

Good Parenting Starts with a Healthy Mommy

For the past years, I didn’t make any New Year’s resolution for I always know I cannot make it. What I always have in mind is to lose weight and of course it didn’t happen because I was not that determined to do it. I feel complete and incomplete at the same time. I knew […]

Gaining Weight Consistently

I am currently weighing 63 kilos. From 49 kilos two years ago, I am now officially over weight. Everybody tells me I am fat but my mirror is not saying the same thing. I look thin whenever I look at the mirror. Is it just me? Well, I do eat a lot and it’s one […]