My First Prenatal Appointment

I was a college student. I don’t have any job at that time. I can’t think of my future clearly. All I know is that I’m in a total mess. I told my mom about my feeling of being pregnant during summer and it was through a text message. What will be my reaction if Elijah tell me through a text message that her girlfriend is pregnant? Oh no! Oh boy.

My first prenatal appointment was in a private clinic and during my fifth month. Yes. I was afraid to go to a doctor and have myself checked if I’m pregnant (which was obvious since I got no monthly periods anymore) or not. Lloyd was not even with me during my very first prenatal check ups ( he was not even there on my prenatal appointments during my entire pregnancy). We were very afraid at that time and we always fight.

I was with my two friends on my first prenatal check-up. They were much excited than me. They even want to go inside the room and hear Elijah’s heartbeat. As I heard the heartbeat, I don’t know if I should be happy or not. All I know is that I already have a five month old fetus in my belly. I was prescribed to buy prenatal milk and vitamins Good thing Lloyd bought all of them for me. What a relief!


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