I Want a SHARK SERIES notebook, the SF410. Help, anyone?

I saw this blog post about Samsung’s SHARK SERIES notebook, the SF410. I think it’s a very good Christmas gift for me. Hahahaha! This portable laptop runs on an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a GeForce 310M card. This isn’t just for work, it’s a decent gaming laptop.

Since I never had my own desktop and laptop. I ask mom to help me about this a while ago and she just said ” Don’t ask me, I have my own laptop already”. Whoa! She is so nice. I love her much. So I am asking you my fellow friends, families and blogging mates, (is this right? LOL) please help me to win this contest. Kindly drop me some comments about this Samsung thingy that turned into an acronym so that we can spell out words.

The word JAPAN for example is:

J- ust

A- lways

P- ray

A- t

N- ight

Let’s see how much words we can use to spell out SAMSUNG. 🙂 Entries can be in English / Filipino / Taglish.You can submit as many entries as you want in the comments but make sure you leave a valid email address. Let’s go! Whoopsie! I almost forgot, this contest is until 11:59pm of December 11!








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