A Chevrolet Silverado For Me

As soon as my blogging earnings become regular, I have to save for me to buy our very own car.
I am planning to buy a Chevrolet Silverado because going out is really a hard time for us here and I have to go to the market every other day to buy our foods. A car with a very good brake job is what I need since the road here is so like 90 degrees. Yes. You read it right. We have to walk like 7 minutes a day to reach the gate knowing that there is no available jeepney at the moment because it passed by already. Waiting like this is not right especially when we have to attend an important event.

If buying a taxi is cheaper than buying our own car, then I’ll settle for it. All I have to do is look for someone who is willing to drive the taxi and earn a living. There is no problem in repairing cars here since all the auto repair shop I see here are just like Dallas auto repair shop.

Maybe four to five years from now, I can share to you our very own car.

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