Oscars Red Carpet Quotes

“I’m totally overwhelmed with joy and sparkles and fireworks and everything that goes like ‘boom boom boom.’ ” – Marion Cotillard

“Could you double check the envelope?” – Martin Scorsese

“Did I really earn this, or did I just wear you all down?” – Sandra Bullock

“Thank you, Academy. Thank you, animation. Thank you, my company, Robot. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. Thank you very much.” – Kunio Kato

“That means: ‘This seemed like a better idea in rehearsal.’ ” – Ben Stiller

“Visual effects: They enable us to see aliens, experience other universes, move in slow motion or watch spiders climbing high above the city landscape. For me, just a typical weeknight in the mid ’90s.” – Robert Downey Jr.

“If fashion was porn this dress is the money shot. And you know it!” – Gabourey Sidibe

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