Home Lighting

To achieve a creative interior environment, factors like lighting, style, color combination and design concepts should be keep in mind first.

There are four basic types that we need to know to ensure our expectations regarding home lighting. First is the general lighting, it refers to lighting up a whole room. There is the traditional and modern ambient lighting design. The former uses only a single ceiling light, the general source of lighting while the latter is a combination of accent, task and ambient lighting type. The second type is the task lighting, it is more on improving contrast than illuminating. Wall light fixtures can be of good use in this kind of lighting. Accent lighting is the third type, it focused on lighting a piece of artwork in a room. It is three times brighter than than the ambient light. This type is usually seen on museum and artwork events. The last one is the natural lighting, it comes through our window, door and anything that is open to the skylight.

Outdoor lighting is very essential just like indoor lighting. Outdoor ceiling lights can be used in the entrance to add dramatic look. It is fixed to the ceiling and gives out your desired color of light. It comes from different style and model. Patio lighting creates great effects for enjoyable moments. Using  outdoor hanging lights add uniqueness and fun to outdoor lighting. It comes in traditional and modern style too.

Always check your budget and preferred design before digging into light fixtures so that you’ll know what’s best and not for your home.

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