Swimming In December?

December is just a month away but the cold weather is very tempting that my son and I wants to sleep and play all day long. Taking a bath is now a weekly routine to us since the water is too cold. Everyone is having flu and cold here, Elijah had just recovered from a week sickness and here he is again having colds.

The idea of going to a swim during winter season is a no-no for me. Yes, we will have lots of fun but the sickness it will cause makes me think of waiting for the summer season. I guess wearing a wetsuit won’t help in keeping him warm.

It’s not only during cold months that we get sick, without proper care to ourselves we will surely get lot of viruses and bacteria anywhere. Water intake or water therapy is the most recommended medicine by me. Elijah doesn’t like vitamins or any kind of medicine that is why I let him drink water more than usual everytime he is sick. I massage him from time to time and let him eat when he wants. I don’t force him if he doesn’t want to eat on time. I just wait for him to tell me if he’s hungry. Breastfeeding him has no limit because I know he needs more  milk when he is sick.

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