Taking Medicine Easier

Every mom is having a hard time in giving medicines to her child. That bitter taste that everyone hates makes it harder for our little kids to intake that is why I have here some tips that you can use.

NUMB their taste buds. Use an ice or any cold food that will numb their taste buds.

Do not argue if your kid doesn’t want to drink the medicine. Stay calm. Tell him that a reward will be given once he drinks it.

Mix it with their favorite food or drink. but of course, do not forget to ask their doctor first before doing anything.

If you are taking vitamins too, take it at the same time with your child. This will help them to think that the taste is okay since you are taking the lead.

Talk to your kid’s doctor first before giving him anything. Stay calm and positive. He’ll going to love medicines sooner or later. Take time to discuss the importance of medicines and what it can do to our health.

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