Family Fun Activities

I am not a sporty person but I would love to expose Elijah in different kinds of sports. Since he doesn’t have any friends of his age, he spend most of his time playing computer games or watching videos via internet. When we were in Baguio City, we used to visit Burnham Park and let him experience roller skating. It is one the fun things my family enjoys the most. I want him to grow up like other kids who enjoy playing outdoor games so when he wants to go out, I accompany him.

He loves basketball. I make sure that when he is in the mood to play basketball, Lloyd and I will stop whatever we are doing and play with him. It’s what work-at-home parents should do all the time, to attend their child’s need anytime. Just recently, he learned to play the fingerboard(skateboard) by watching his dad and tried experimenting all by himself. I don’t want him to get hooked up in this kind of sports since I saw skateboarders when they are bailing but if he wants it, then who am I to stop him?

Most of his godparents are into mountain climbing, trekking, hiking and I want to join them if we have the chance. Elijah will surely love the idea since he is very adventurous. I don’t have to worry on the things we need to bring like Black Diamond Poles because they will provide it.

Family activities can be simple and don’t have to take much of our time. It doesn’t have to be somewhere else. Our home can already be a great place where we can have fun family bonding.

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