Unexpected Guest

I was supposed to deliver shirts to my customer last Saturday but the printer went wrong so I cancelled my meet-up with the buyer. We were in a total mess that day when the landlady came to visit. It was unexpected! The kids were playing and scattered their toys everywhere, the kitchen sink was full of soiled dishes and everything that you can think of. We were cramming on shirt printing that day since it’s our first time and there were bulk orders, some of the shirt sizes are out of stock and weren’t able to buy earlier.

It was the landlady’s very first time to visit and unfortunately all of us are busy so she witnessed how messy the house was. I told her that we were busy with our new family business and I guess she understand it. She also checked the kitchen cabinets if we fixed it because there were termites before we move here. We thought she’ll be going to disappoint with our mess but  it was a relief when she said we are taking good care of the house and should plant more flowering trees outside.

After that incident, I promised to clean the house every single day because we never know who will visit us again.

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