Marital Fights

Marital conflicts are widespread as of today. Many of the marriages are not able to work primarily because of lack of respect and communication between both spouses. Because of their unresolved fights, it has been found out that about half of the marriages end up in the future as divorce. Due to this sad event, children are left with emotional trauma. They are greatly affected when they see their parents fighting over issues.

When you and your spouse argue about certain matters, it is very important that your children will not see you both yelling and screaming at each other. Go to the room and talk about it in private. If the issue has to be settled at once, talk about it in a very polite and low-toned manner.

It is important that you settle your differences and conflicts at once to avoid marital separation. Do not wait for the issue to get the best out of your marriage. Children are very observant and tend to follow what their parents do. Because they follow what the adults particularly their parents do, it is always best to show your love to them as well as to your spouse even after an argument.

Always remember that the way you handle conflict in your family is how your child will learn to manage disagreements elsewhere.

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5 Responses

  1. Hay…hubby and I can really fight to the hilt. We can shout to the top of our lungs! But thank God for His grace that He always works out our marriage. And the best thing is, hubby would never lay a finger on me. 😀

  2. Fights, disagreements, and conflicts will never be absolutely eradicated from marriage since these are two very different people trying to live as one at least as a couple and that is not an easy thing to do.

  3. marital conflicts are inevitable.yeah,you’re right.handle and talk it over between you and your partner. and yes, when caught in this situation, couples should have only one thing in mind, their child plus LOVE,the reason why they decided to live in one roof.the formula should be issue over love (that binds them).

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