A Family of Musicians

I am a music lover. I got this from my mom and sisters. They used to play music in different genres. My eldest sister can sing well, her partner is very good when it comes to guitar, my other sister knows how to play flute and guitar, her husband is into rock music, my youngest sister loves K-pop, Lloyd is a band vocalist and guitarist at the same time. My cousin is a drummer, he has won different competition already and is getting famous. I am not sure if the one he owns is Dixson Drums.

We are a family of musicians. From my uncles and aunts, cousins and even my nephew and niece, they love music. I can play the piano. I just need time to practice again. It’s been years since I last played a song in the piano. Having this kind of family is awesome. We can have our own band if we want. Elijah shows interest in singing already. I know he’ll be a great singer like his dad.

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