Seasonal Changes to your Wardrobe – Get Ready For Summer!

Every season necessitates a change in style, whether this be cut, colour or pattern. With summer on the horizon it may be the most exciting wardrobe change of the year and here is a list of the wardrobe staples in every area of your summer life!

When it comes to pattern, the late winter/early spring 2012 has taught us nothing if not a Peruvian sense of style. Inca markings have been spotted on leggings cardigans and shirts. Like the mountain of Machu Picchu, Peruvian patterns will not be enshrouded as we move into the summer season. Get down to your local high street now and grab yourself a skirt or dress in mini, midi or maxi!

A new summer dress is an institution for when the sun peaks from around its ever present cloud cover of the colder seasons. But what dress? This warmer season, why not try a tunic dress, they come in all different, usually floral patterns, are made from chic lightweight materials, try to go for muslin or silk and come in great summery lengths without being too clingy!

Don’t forget your nightwear this summer. Pack away all those flannel twin sets from the duvet days of winter and slip into some seductive nightwear! Any girl can feel stylish at any time of the day so if you are feeling particularly saucy try a new lace or silk chemise. For the best choice of designer pieces head online and search for nightwear from Figleaves there are loads of designs to choose from! If you’re not up for the sultry look, which let’s face it, is hard to keep up every night, a simple slip or nighty are perfect for the sweaty summer nights. Remember to always keep it light weight and comfortable.

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